With overtime goal, Penn men’s soccer downs La Salle

September 19, 2016 - Soccer Balls

On Saturday, a players and coaches of Penn men’s soccer were greeted by accessible faces on their opponent’s sideline. But, on a field, no such love could be found.

La Salle, coached by former Penn partner Rob Irvine, looked to urge to a program-record 6-1-0 start.

The Quakers, on a other hand, were looking for their initial win, carrying been hold to a array of frustrating draws early on in a season.

Thanks to a late overtime idea from beginner Sam Hefter, however, it was a Red and Blue who achieved their objective, violation open a scoreless compare with a last-gasp 108th notation strike.

The Quakers (1-1-3), however, were distant some-more absolute from a start, winning possession and shot totals in a opening stretch. Just 7 mins into a match, comparison Matt Poplawski sent a diving header off of a dilemma flog deflection skidding past a post.

Hefter, only 10 mins after his opening into a game, was set adult easily only inside a chastisement box after some cunning give-and-go movement with youth Sam Wancowicz. Hefter’s shot, however, skipped only far-reaching after he unsuccessful to strike it clean with his right foot.


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Penn’s descent charge was scarcely rewarded when Wancowicz done a perspicacious run opposite a right wing and sent a dangerous round opposite idea to comparison Alec Neumann. But La Salle goalkeeper and captain Matt Kirk done a shining save to forestall a opening goal.

The finish of a initial half foreshadowed a bustling night for arbitrate Lucas Feathers, as members of both teams intent in a teenager scuffle. Perhaps as a response to this increasing physicality, La Salle noticeably increasing their gait of play in a second half, rebellious and using down balls with some-more gusto. But a Quakers continued to emanate some-more chances on idea than their opponent, ensuring that a Explorer’s comparison goalie was constantly on his toes.

Kirk, however, was some-more than adult to a challenge. 15 mins into a second half, beginner prodigy Dami Omitaomu dribbled by 3 defenders on a right corner of a chastisement box when Kirk jumped off his line to hit a shot away. The comparison fast recovered to obstruct Poplawski’s careening shot off a deflection and dived again to retard Omitaomu’s second shot off a rebound.

Kirk’s match-long heroics, that enclosed a career-high 10 saves, kept La Salle in a match. But a newfound charge of a Explorers boiled over into disappointment and carelessness. Defender Zach Rutherford done a dangerous shifting tackle on beginner Aramis Kouzine in an try to repossess a ball, and, after a arbitrate blew a whistle, a La Salle defender dribbled away, presumably to kill some time on a clock.

Poplawski, however, ran to collect a round from Rutherford and in a process, it seemed that a defender forcefully grabbed a Penn comparison by a neck. While Poplawski mockingly waved goodbye to his opponent, a home-field throng cheered as Rutherford was shown a red label for aroused conduct.

Playing with a male disadvantage, La Salle sealed down defensively, violence behind Quaker runs by a finish of regulation. The initial half of overtime was mostly eventless, with both teams heedful of any other’s counterattacking speed. The Quakers, however, demonstrated a larger clarity of coercion in a second overtime period, dynamic to equivocate nonetheless another tie on a season.

The offense, led by Omitaomu and Wancowicz, finally pennyless by with only a few mins remaining. A discerning give and go between Wancowicz and beginner Brandon Bartel resulted in a shining cranky opposite a box, that Hefter deposited to bind a Quakers’ initial win of a season.

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