Rand Paul is Actually Pretty Good At Soccer, Says He Could Score on Chris Christie

August 21, 2015 - Soccer Balls

CAP HAITIEN, HAITI – 2016 Presidential carefree Rand Paul took a mangle from behaving eye surgeries in Haiti Tuesday afternoon to broach soccer balls, and some skills, to a internal Haitian boys orphanage.


The orphanage, named Streethearts, is located in a really bad partial of Haiti’s second largest city.


Expectedly, a children immediately started kicking around the Team U.S.A. branded soccer balls. Unexpectedly, Rand assimilated them and demonstrated skills, as can be seen in this video:

When asked that GOP presidential contender he could kick in soccer, Rand said: “I consider we can take Christie.”

Paul also taught this child how to cranky his arms for a photo:

In a end, a really tactful trip.

All U.S.A. soccer balls were donated by FOX News ‘The Five’ horde Eric Bolling.

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