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September 14, 2018 - Soccer Balls

Shalini and Bill Madaras accept a Americanism Award from Connecticut District Commander Tom Flowers during American Legion Post 86.  Jeannette Ross photo
Shalini and Bill Madaras accept a Americanism Award from Connecticut District Commander Tom Flowers during American Legion Post 86. — Jeannette Ross photo

At a annual dwindle retirement rite on Sept. 9, American Legion Post 86 was horde to a Legion’s Department of Connecticut, that presented Gold Star family Bill and Shalini Madaras with a Americanism Award. This is a top American Legion endowment presented to civilians.

The integrate were respected for their efforts in compelling a Kick for Nick Foundation and substantiating a initial home for homeless womanlike veterans.

Norwalk Post 12 Commander Rich Olson recounted how a Madaras’s son, Nick, enlisted in a Army and while home on leave asked his relatives to send soccer balls to his bottom in Iraq. He dictated to discharge them to children there. Shortly after returning to his unit, he was killed by a roadside explosve in Sep 2006.

Following Nick’s death, a Kick for Nick plan was started and given afterwards 52,000 soccer balls — any sealed with Nick’s name — have been sent to 47 countries to be distributed to children. In further to a balls, a module has also sent uniforms, cleats, nets, personal hygiene items, propagandize supplies, and other necessities.

Shalini Madaras also worked to settle a Nicholas A. Madaras Home in Bridgeport for womanlike veterans. “It has given over 100 women and children a new possibility during life,” Olson pronounced of a home that was non-stop in 2011. Bill Madaras also collects products from area bakeries and delivers them to food pantries, schools, and soup kitchens.

“I’ve worked with Bill and his mother over a years and we can consider of no other honest people who have finished so many to foster unity, assent and assent not usually in a republic though opposite a nations and I’m respected to be here today,” Olson said.

“Nick had a adore for soccer,“ District Commander Tom Flowers pronounced of a former Wilton High School varsity player. “And he was desirous by children personification soccer with any intent they could find. … It was that impulse that eventually desirous a Kick for Nick Foundation. Kick for Nick supports U.S. troops’ efforts in fostering assent and fortitude opposite a creation by delivering to impecunious children a fun of personification by a present of soccer balls donated in a honour of Pfc. Nicholas A. Madaras.”

The foundation’s goal says “Every round handed out generates a grin and any grin generates a memory of goodwill and friendship.”

Children in Honduras arrangement their soccer balls from Kick for Nick and flyers with Nick Madarass story.  Contributed photo
Children in Honduras arrangement their soccer balls from Kick for Nick and flyers with Nick Madaras’s story. — Contributed photo

Evidence of this goodwill came in an email to The Bulletin final month from San Pedro Sula, Honduras

“At a heart of a infantryman distortion loyal Army values: loyalty, duty, respect, unselfish service, honor, firmness and personal courage. Pfc. Nicholas Madaras embodied a traits of a loyal infantryman who left behind a bequest that survives his loss.

“Honduras is one of a many countries that receives donations from Kick for Nick and delivers them with support from a Joint Task Force Bravo Civil Affairs office. The Civil Affairs group participates in mixed village overdo programs via a nation and Central America, regulating these engagements as an event to broach soccer balls in some of a many stern and remote locations in a region.

“‘Civil Affairs is a face of JTFB in a community. What we have finished by JTFB and a Kick for Nick Foundation is couple all these donations for children in exposed locations with amicable programs carried out not usually by a charge force though also by a supervision of Honduras,’ pronounced Iris Medina, JTF Bravo polite affairs specialist.

“During an rendezvous in San Pedro Sula, located in a Department of Cortes, Honduras, Medina met a immature child named Kenneth Fernandez who, like Nick, had a clever passion for soccer and dreams about being a veteran player.

“‘When we met Kenneth he was only a small boy. His mom told me he favourite personification soccer so we gave him one of a balls and told him Nick’s story. Since afterwards I’ve been removing calls from his mom and she tells me how even after many years this story still has an impact on him,’ pronounced Medina.

“Kenneth has done it his goal to turn a motivator and purpose indication for his friends during school, pity Nick’s story and enlivening them to play. He also hopes to be means to give soccer balls and uniforms to impecunious children himself when he is older.”

Bringing it home

Upon receiving a American Legion honor, Shalini Madaras pronounced she and her father were “completely honored” and beholden to a American Legion for a support of Kick for Nick.

Later, in an email, she told The Bulletin “The American Legion Post 86 was a start of a Kick for Nick bid in 2006, and has continued to play an critical purpose in a success, and we are really beholden for their ongoing support. The Post 86 building and a Kick for Nick round collection net on their front grass have turn a focal indicate of Wilton city center. We are tremendously respected to be recipients of a many prestigious American Legion Department of Connecticut Americanism Award.  

“As we continue into a 12th year celebrating Nick’s life, and be desirous by his legacy, with a assistance of Dog Tag Brewing Foundation, Kick for Nick Foundation has started a new soccer module this tumble for a children in Bridgeport.”

Clinics began Sept. 8 and will run for 10 weeks any Saturday during a Roosevelt Elementary School soccer field. Kick for Nick will yield paid veteran coaches, and equipment. The module is giveaway to children in initial by 12th class and a initial hospital captivated 40 players.

After substantiating a tellurian outreach, Madaras said, “now we are bringing it home to a children of Connecticut.”

Members of American Legion Post 86 and Boy Scout Troop 20 lift flags to be burnt during a post’s dwindle retirement ceremony. — Jeannette Ross photo

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