Daly City: Youth soccer apparatus stolen, vandalized

July 23, 2017 - Soccer Balls



– The Daly City section of a American Youth Soccer Organization, a girl soccer league, is scrambling to reinstate apparatus that was stolen. The deteriorate starts subsequent month. 

Tanya Santa Cruz, a partner informal commissioner for AYSO  forked to apparatus found on a ground, including uniforms and unstable ice packs. 

They were in a mobile storage section that was damaged into and vandalized. Some were stolen. Others strewn all over a field. 

The storage section had been located on a skill of Westmoor High School..

On Monday, a passerby beheld a section had been damaged into and vandalized.

“The doorway was kicked in. Here’s a lock. They only flog it right off a track,” says Santa Cruz as she forked to a design on her iPad display a damage.
She showed KTVU photos taken of damage. Paint used to symbol a soccer margin were used for graffiti.
Boxes of paint, soccer balls, a generator, idea post setup and other apparatus stored in a section are gone.
“Pretty harmful ’cause if they stole a element some of that element was used for practice,” says 14-year-old William Santa Cruz who was a actor and is scheduled to turn a arbitrate this arriving season. .
The AYSO joining serves children from 3 to 19 from low and center income families. One manager says a module is singular and mostly life changing. The concentration is not on winning, though on actor development. The burglary hurts.
“Shocking….sad,” says Oscar Lopez, a former actor who’s now a coach. “You see smaller-size balls so we know it’s for small kids also and we still rabble it It’s only a inhuman act.”
“We only threw all in here,” says Santa Cruz as she showed KTVU a locker inside a storage let trickery where all a apparatus that were not stolen are now kept.

“It’s distressing though we’ll go on. These kids are not going to humour we’re going to go on.. We’re gonna make do,” says Santa Cruz.

She estimates a detriment to operation from $3,000 to $5,000.

A orator for Daly City Police says there’s no notice video and they have no suspects…

The dialect is seeking a public’s assistance in throwing whoever’s responsible.

A gofundme has been set adult to assistance redeem from a loss. 

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