Callaway releases Chrome Soft Truvis Stars and Stripes, European-themed golf balls

August 17, 2018 - Soccer Balls

With a Ryder Cup only around a corner, Callaway is releasing dual opposite versions of Chrome Soft Truvis to applaud a biennial matches. 

Initially expelled in May, a Stars and Stripes Truvis settlement is highlighted by a patriotic red, white, and blue settlement inside a pentagonal settlement of a Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X. This is a initial time Callaway has combined Truvis to a X model. 

The European chronicle is formed on a European Union dwindle with a white, blue and yellow (stars) settlement on a Chrome Soft version. 

The singular pentagonal settlement on a round has been around given a early 2000s when Julian Morley initial started adding a settlement to golf balls. If a settlement looks familiar, it’s since soccer balls have been regulating a same settlement for years to urge visibility.

With regards to a settlement on a ball, it’s privately designed to maximize the golfer’s view of a ball for improved concentration and visibility.

Both Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X underline a Graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core. By adding Graphene to a polybutadiene rubber outdoor core, Callaway’s RD golf round group was means to strengthen a outdoor core, as good as boost a stretch of a middle core — a middle core was malleable as good — but altering a firmness of a design.

The incomparable middle core maximizes application appetite while minimizing motorist spin, producing a high launch with increasing distance. With a midst and brief irons, golfers should notice improvements in stretch and control as well. 

Callaway’s Chrome Soft Truvis Stars and Stripes and European-themed golf balls will be accessible Aug. 24 and sell for $45 per dozen. 

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