Ball State grad sends Grand Park’s gangling soccer balls to kids in Honduras

August 31, 2018 - Soccer Balls

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – A adore for sports can comparison any denunciation barrier.

That’s what one Ball State grad recently found out on a outing to bankrupt areas in Honduras.

Courtney Adams is an jaunty tutor during Grand Park in Westfield. Before her trip, Adams asked her trainer is she could have some of a soccer balls left behind during a park to take with her and palm out to kids there.

The many she could fit in her container for her weeklong outing was 24 soccer balls.

Adams says a fun on a kids faces was unforgettable. She took some video of them playing.

“I only felt like they were only going to rubbish in a closet, so it was only something that would move somebody else fun since somebody here only forgot them,” Adams said.

Adams went with a organisation Humanity and Hope United Foundation. She says she hopes to go there again.

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